Why we’re breaking up with Nintendo

breaking up with nintendo


Jack has been playing video games for the past 30 years, trying to recapture the high he experienced when playing Snapper on the Acorn Electron for the first time. He believes the Quit or Continue podcast should be at least three hours long. Nobody agrees with him.

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2 Responses

  1. tanto says:

    Another idiotic and factless nintendo hating article?

    • Mike says:

      Not at all buddy, we all love Nintendo at QorC Towers, we’re just a bit worried that Nintendo is leaving us behind (or vice versa) when we’d like nothing more than to rekindle our relationship.

      Give the podcast a listen – if you still think that we’re putting the boot into the Big N then fair enough, but that’s not what we’re about – well unless we’re talking about The Order 1886, then we’ll put the boot in!



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