Why we live in hope that Arkham Knight really is Rocksteady’s last Batman game



Mike (@MikePlantGC) fondly remembers a time when Mode 7 was king, Mario and Sonic would sooner die than share an Olympic event and when a console by Atari was something to look forward to (RIP Atari Jaguar).

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2 Responses

  1. Viktor says:

    I totally disagree with your opinion of the Batmobile!! I thought they used it wisely and never found the gameplay to be tedious. It was Arkham mixed with hints of Twisted Metal! A winning combination for me personally! Although I can understand how some could see it as overkill. To each their own as they say!! I would love to see Rocksteady continue to explore and expand on the narrative! I’m a sucker for things that I like and Arkham Knight was an exceptional game in my humble opinion!

    • Mike says:

      You totally right, Arkham Knight was brilliant (not many games get all four of us to agree!). We just kinda wish it was even better – we’re just self-entitled, never satisfied geeks like that!

      Glad you liked the old Batsmobile, I blew hot and cold on it myself – those tank battles toward the end of the game we just a stretch too far at some points. Just my two cents though, I loved the vast majority of the rest of it.

      Cheers for the comment buddy!


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