The Division Beta left us divided

The Division Beta


Mike (@MikePlantGC) fondly remembers a time when Mode 7 was king, Mario and Sonic would sooner die than share an Olympic event and when a console by Atari was something to look forward to (RIP Atari Jaguar).

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2 Responses

  1. Simon says:

    While I agree with most of the points you are making in your pod, I do not agree with the camping rogues discussion. They get punished enough by having their rogue timer increased. After a while, they get to a point where their timer gets stuck on 5 minutes. This will alert everyone on the map to kill the rogue agents. Whenever rogues attack someone, their timer pauses for 10 seconds, making surviving rogue status extremely difficult (with everyone on the map hunting you). If they survive the 5 minute timer, they receive a large DZ bonus (currency + XP).

    • Mike says:

      Hey Simon,

      Yeah, I see what you’re saying. I think we just got burned one too many times by rogues with significantly better equipment than we had (and that was just in the restricted beta).

      I’ll be very interested to see how Ubi manages players who only go rogue, especially if they do so within a rogue group. I could see a team of four rogue players dominating an area which is surely counterintuitive to the experience of people trying to extract equipment and use the Dark Zone as intended.

      Mind you, could just be I’m a whinging sod! Ha-ha!

      Cheers and thanks for listening,


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