QorC Pub News #17 – Who’s got 100 hours to play Fallout 4?

Fallout 4


Jack has been playing video games for the past 30 years, trying to recapture the high he experienced when playing Snapper on the Acorn Electron for the first time. He believes the Quit or Continue podcast should be at least three hours long. Nobody agrees with him.

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  1. Patrick says:

    How about gaming in shifts? Communal save game. Of course celebratory beers upon game completion are mandatory. Given the increase in game completion rate as a result of shift-work, and the subsequent increase in celebratory beers the WAGS may not be around too much longer and will cease to be a problem. Interestingly there would be a tipping point at which keeping a job would become a problem too making the purchase games all the more difficult. Finely balanced or dynamically unstable – however you pose it, it would probably make for a good game in and of itself.

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