I’ve had PSVR for six weeks and, yep, it’s gathering dust



Mike (@MikePlantGC) fondly remembers a time when Mode 7 was king, Mario and Sonic would sooner die than share an Olympic event and when a console by Atari was something to look forward to (RIP Atari Jaguar).

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  1. phbdk says:

    You are right. VR titles are way too expensive. But it will be over soon, I think. I stopped buying everything new a few weeks ago. I’m waiting for something special before I throw anymore money after VR titles.

    The games I’m looking forward to now is Resident Evil 7, FarPoint (mostly the gun) and I’m dreaming about Elite Dangerous will happen on PSVR.

  2. Mike says:

    Hey dude, thanks for the comment. Yeah, I’ve got everything crossed for Res Evil and FarPoint, though both carry the chance of making me travel sick!

    I think my number one want is that X-Wing VR mission – and it’s free. Go figure…

  3. musicsurf@outlook.com says:

    I have the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PSVR. The best experience I have playing VR is on the Vive – Currently Raw Data blows my mind. I don’t get these similar experiences with the other two (Chronos is cool on Rift and Batman VR on PSVR but not even close to the immersion of Raw Data on the Vive)… PSVR COULD STILL BE serious competitor if Sony releases a second Bluetooth camera for the motion controllers. I am shocked that they released it knowing that when you play a game and turn around with your motion controllers they would lose tracking. The Pool VR game works amazing on the Vive, and looks great on PSVR, but the “hulk” mode of moving around is horrible…. Sony PLEASE RELEASE A BLUETOOTH CAMERA for room scale tracking!

  4. Colin Marks says:

    I think Sony has put themselves in a tight position with VR. Cause their user base will struggle to afford all the games. Ppl are generally only going to either afford PSVR titles, so PS4 games suffer sales wise, or buy the blockbuster PS4 games, and let PSVR struggle commercially

  5. VrLabDv says:

    Consoles are a rip off in general, and in VR especially. Screw Sony. The Vive has 900+ games/apps and increasing everyday. All through a genius game distribution system, with 75% sales, and adequate prices for demos(which is what most VR games are now). Screw Oculus as well, companies don’t seem to learn from history, their closed ecosystem will leave be their undoing.

  6. Mike says:

    I don’t know if I’d say the PSVR was a rip-off. It was annoying when the Vive got a price hike in the UK because of Brexit though – thanks everyone who voted Out 😉

    The game’s are rediciulously priced though, even Black Friday didn’t lower the price of the few games I want I haven’t grabbed yet.

    You could be right though VrLabDv, the market needs to go down the universal platform route, especially on PC. Maybe if the Xbox Scorpio supports Microsoft’s recently announced VR headsets the market will be forced down that route.

  7. Penny F, Taylor says:

    lol-stop, great job

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