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Oxenfree review 0

Oxenfree review podcast

The QorC regulars get together for their Oxenfree review podcast and delve into the secrets of Night School Studio’s supernatural teenage drama.


Her Story podcast review

Her Story podcast review Click me to to subscribe to Quit or Continue on iTunes It’s time for crime! The QorC chaps have all played FMV adventure game Her Story, a unique take on...


Until Dawn podcast review

The QorC regulars discover that Until Dawn might finally be a game that they and their spouses finally enjoy together! Listen in as Mike, Andy, Jack and Dave explain why everybody should try Supermassive...

Telltale Games 0

Telling tales on Telltale

The Quit or Continue crew assemble once more to sink as many cans of White Lightning as they can fit into a brown paper bag and try to work out whether Telltale Games’ faux-point...

Batman Arkham Knight review 0

Batman Arkham Knight podcast review

The Quit or Continue gang, Mike, Andy, Dave & Jack, don their cowls and say ‘I’m Batman’, in their best Frank Butcher impressions. It’s the last in the series for RockSteady, so does it...


Bloodborne podcast review

The Quit or Continue regulars that are Mike, Andy, Jack and Dave gather round to talk some Bloodborne. Did they rise to face the challenge like men, or will they be left confessing their...