Battlefield 1 v Infinite Warfare – horses, not Alpha Centauris

Battlefield 1 v Infinite Warfare


Mike (@MikePlantGC) fondly remembers a time when Mode 7 was king, Mario and Sonic would sooner die than share an Olympic event and when a console by Atari was something to look forward to (RIP Atari Jaguar).

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2 Responses

  1. redknightsoh says:

    I don’t enjoy being negative on a new game in it’s Alpha stage…. but…

    So far, as a larger group of friends in an online War Clan… we have little to no interest in this BF1 game. It’s just to limited for hours on end fun. As of now, we see no included Clan Support for medium to large groups of friends to play together to hold private Clan wars, private competitions, private or public tournaments and or Ladder Events. This looks to be a stripped down BF4 clone with an old WW1 look and feel. This will be another Run & Gun kid chaos game, complete Lone Wolf shooter, Run Here – Run There, shoot anything that moves, using no tactics or strategy with screaming kids or no communication between players at all.

    This is stacking up to be a real disappointment. With EA killing Battlelog, needed for Squad/Clan organization, unable to update your individual look and feel and keeping player stats… you can see where EA/DICE is taking this game. Even as weak as the new CoD game will be… it will still dominate BF1, if DICE can’t come up with something better than this dud.

    A game that’s ALL PRETTY graphics, but doesn’t contain a comprehensive integrated Teamwork system for real and fun competitive team gameplay, this next BF game, will never reach the heights that EA/DICE hopes to aim for.

    If BF1 is launched and loaded with bugs and glitches, as BF4 was… and takes months or a year to fix… as DICE is known for… BF1 could put the Battlefield franchise in serious trouble. As of now… I just don’t care anymore. BF3 launched with major defects… followed by BF4 that was even worse… then that ‘Hardline’ crap… EA/DICE has not shown their best work in years.

    The fixed and updated old Battlefield 3 is still a superior game over BF4 or this next BF game zinger. At least BF3 gave all Squads the ability to communicate and work together, with decent Rented Private BF3 Servers for Private or public Clan Wars, a good selection of maps that our Clan could work with. BF4 killed that. And I have little hope BF1 will change this style of playing.

    I see EA/DICE rushing to bring out BF Bad Company3 to replace BF1 in 2017-2018. I just don’t know if I will wait that long or care anymore.

    Can’t see investing all the money EA/DICE will demand to play this BF1 game for what it has to offer so far.

    • Mike says:

      Hey Red Knight, cheers for the comment.

      Yeah, I’ve got to agree with you – Battlefield is no longer the competitive shooter it was, in fact it hasn’t been since BF2 arguably. I know I’ve got a mate who still plays BF2 from time to time because its successors just don’t scratch the itch in the same way. Battlefront is the casual pick-up-and-play version of Battlefield, and that’s fine (and fitting for Star Wars) but EA needs to be careful making Battlefield play like Battlefront if it hopes to keep the franchise successful.

      What EA really needs to do with BF1 is nail suspenseful gameplay, maybe along the lines of something like Red Orchestra, but we all know that’s never going to happen!



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