Quit or Continue

Wolfenstein: The New Order podcast 0

Next time on Quit or Continue

Play along with the lads as we put the next Quit or Continue game through its paces and then chime in with your thoughts so they can get featured on the show.


Tacoma spoilercast

We dissect Tacoma, and discuss spoilers and talk about how it compares to Fullbright’s previous game, Gone Home.


Prey podcast review

In space, no one can hear you…turn into a toaster? Oh, I guess that means it’s time to talk about Prey!


Super Nintendo Mini Classic

Following on from the massively successful Nes Mini Classic, the much rumoured SNES Mini Classic is here. Lets chat all things Mode 7!


The worst games of E3 2017!

Bad games, bad games, what you gonna do when they’re unveiled for you (at E3 2017). I dunno. Maybe the QorC guys could slag them off in a podcast?